Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Common Types of Weight Bearing Exercises

Regular exercise helps us to keep fit and healthy. Weight bearing exercise is helpful to reduce weight quickly. Light weight exercises can be beneficial for elderly to increase their physical flexibility.

Studies have indicated that weight bearing exercises helps to relieve stress. People suffering from a range of health disorders like osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure and muscle aches can benefit from weight training.

Weight training – Lifting weights in a gym or home is a great way to improve your body strength. When you lift weights, it improves the bone density of the body. The bone cells respond to the stress of weight training thereby making them more resistant and strong.

However, before you start your weight lifting sessions, it is recommended to consult a doctor. If the doctor permits, you can start your weight lifting sessions to strengthen your body.

Other exercise alternatives you can opt for a healthy body and mind are as follows:

Running – Running is one of the effective ways to reduce weight and be in shape. It is a type of cardiovascular exercise that increases the stamina of the body. In case you have no time to go for running in a park or playground, invest a treadmill at home.


The treadmill is an effective option to increase endurance in the body. You can follow the treadmill with some stretching exercises to complete your workout routine.

Aerobics – Aerobics is a form of cardiovascular exercise that improves the flexibility in the body. Aerobics is a good way to get into shape and develop balance in the body. Step exercise is a great type of aerobics exercise where a plastic step is used while doing aerobic exercise.

Step aerobics helps in greater joint movements and bring back elasticity in the body.

Spine exercises – Spine exercises help in relieving back aches and muscle cramps of the spine. Spine exercise is ideal to improve your posture of the body. Yoga exercises are good for the body.

A common spine exercise is you have to lay down  on a yoga mat and place your hands tightly on the ground and then gradually lift the body, but make sure to raise only the upper portion of the body to form a rearward curve of your spine.

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The aforementioned points highlight some form of weight bearing exercises. However, it is always advised to consult with a fitness expert about the form of exercise suitable for your body.


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