Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chelsea FC – Life after Drogba

Very few will be able to forget the fusion of strength and skill Didier Drogba has displayed in his career at Chelsea FC. He joined the club in 2004. It did not take him long to become a known face of the field. The supporters of Chelsea were delighted to discover a center forward with ball following ability and near perfect finish. Drogba did not disappoint his fans. He did his job fairly well and continued scoring goals. In return the supports voted his as the greatest ever player of Chelsea.

However, like every good thing the career of Drogba at Chelsea has also come to an end. Currently the striker is playing for Shanghai Shenhua. Without the strength of Drogba the attacking line of Chelsea appeared to be weak. Many thought with fright that the loss will never be recovered.

Former coach Mourinho expressed his concern over Drogba transfer and said that the life after the striker’s departure will be tough for the club.

Despite the speculations, the club has shown both strength and determination to stay at the top no matter what. The team has been adorned with fresh talents.  Victor Moses is one of the new faces of the club. This winger has drawn the attention of the crowd with his speed. With this 21 year old in the team, there will be many surprises stored for the oppositions.

Cesar Azpilicueta is another new addition to the club. This right back has suffered a steady stream of injuries at the beginning of his career. Yet, he recovered and proved his worth in the field. And now this 22 year old is a part one of the greatest clubs of EPL.


This young Brazilian is a vital addition to the team. The attacking midfielder is known as Oscar to his fans. He looks a bit like Kaka and plays a lot like him too. The soccer skill of this midfielder has given rise to many comparisons with the fellow teammate. Like a true Brazilian, this youngster has displayed the ability to pass the ball to the teammates along with a perfect vision. His shots are not only powerful, they are accurate too. Oscar is undoubtedly a midfielder to watch out for.

Thorgan Hazard used to play for FC Lens. This 19 year old can both play as a winger and a midfielder. Currently he is on loan and playing for Zulte Waregem. It will be interesting to watch his return to the club.

Eden Hazard is the big brother of Thorgan. Like the younger brother Eden also plays as both winger and attacking midfielder. This young talent is well known for his speed. He also considered to be a creative midfielder. His pace is his greatest asset. But, he can change a game with his ability to dribble a ball. His fierce attacking can be a nightmare for opposition’s defense lineup. The soccer skill of this young Belgian has led to comparisons with the soccer giants like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The above mentioned names are all new signings of the club. Whether the new talents live up to the expectations of the supporters will be a thing to watch. Players like Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry are there and still in good form. Yet, it is important to cultivate new talents and create stars which Chelsea has done too many times in the past. 


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