Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Who’s staying and who’s not is always a big question in the EPL. With the blink of an eye the stars change their jerseys. Last time Van Persie’s transfer made the headlines. This time it’s the big boss who is making everyone wonder. Yes, the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement has got all the soccer critics and Man Utd fans wonder the same question – who is the rightful successor of the legend.

Sir Alex Ferguson has taken over the job of Man Utd manager in 1986, 6th November. Twenty six years have passed ever since. Sir Ferguson has not only managed to become the longest serving manager of Man Utd, he has become the greatest manager of all time. With 12 league titles, two European Cups and an array of silver wares under his belt, Sir Ferguson has not left any place to doubt his superiority.

Now, the biggest question is who will take over the job of Sir Ferguson. It is of little doubt that whoever becomes the next manager of the Red Devils is up for a tough challenge. Some shoes are too difficult to fill in and filling Sir Ferguson’s shoes will definitely prove to be a trying task.

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Sir Ferguson has always shied away from discussing his retirement with the media. However, according to latest buzz, the discussion of a worthy successor of Sir Ferguson is on the process. So, who will the fortunate soul be?

Numerous names come to mind. It is no doubt that the next manager will have to have experience and proven track record. What will be interesting to watch is whether the club appoints someone young to manage the team or find someone with years of experience to handle the task of managing one of the greatest teams of English Premier League? Maybe it is an old player of the club who had the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with Sir Ferguson.

Replacing Sir Ferguson seems to be an impossible task. Is there really anyone who can match the master? The future will tell the tale. Millions of fans of Man Utd is holding their breath and crossing their fingers. While it is not possible to replace Sir Ferguson and take over the legacy, there is hope of creating new legacy with faces.

However, nothing is confirmed yet. There is still time and Sir Ferguson still has got offer the fans some more time. True, it will not be the same without the chief watching from the sideline. Yet there is always place for changes.

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What may bother the fans of Man Utd is the waning number of familiar faces. Paul Scholes has already announced his retirement once. But, he had come out of the retirement to keep Sir Ferguson’s request. Whether he remains after the chief’s retirement is a matter of question. Ryan Giggs is another player who hasn’t been replaced yet.

However, there are talents everywhere and Sir Ferguson is on the role to build yet another team by picking up new talent like Van Persie. How the club copes without the presence of the chief and the old faces is a matter of question. Only time can give an answer to that. 


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