Monday, December 10, 2012

Benitez - The Open Letter and More

Being the manager of the Blues is not an easy task. Chelsea FC is among those EPL clubs which evoke both awe and fright. It is of little doubt that the fans of the Blues expect so much from their club.

From the very day of his transfer Rafael Benitez has to go through an enduring time, almost an acid test. Some of Chelsea fans were not happy about this transfer. They made it difficult for the former Liverpool manager to be comfortable in the Blue shirt. However, the Spaniard is a tough man and had been ready for the testing time ahead.

Chelsea FC is attempting to restore the balance after Drogba’s departure. It is a quest of finding new talents along with the hunger for victory. The task presents a huge challenge to the manager. Huge it is, but not impossible.

To reach out to the fans and bear his soul the current Chelsea boss has written an open letter to the fans. His official website has published the letter where the manger has poured out his heart and talked about the hectic schedule. Also, he has promised the fans the same dedication and loyalty he had put for the other clubs. 

rafael benitez

The star striker of the Blues Fernando Torres is all praise for the new manager. According to the center forward the game plan and strategy of the team has changed since the arrival of Benitez. He said that the team’s inclination to pass the ball around has reduced drastically and now they prefer playing more attacking shots. Torres admitted that the side is in need of confidence and the strong presence of Benitez will provide the required boosting to the team.

Rafael Benitez has started his career as Real Madrid’s coaching staff at the tender age of 26. He coached the under 19 team. Along with this he worked as the assistance manager of the senior team. However, the recognition came forth when Benitez took charge of Liverpool. Soon, he became famous as an achiever as with hard work and motivation he guided the club to the UEFA Champions League win.

In the six years Benitez has give Liverpool many victories. The club grew and improved under the watchful eyes of the manager. Yet, every journey must come to an end. Benitez resigned from the position of Liverpool manager.

It was 21st Nov 2012, Benitez took the job of Chelsea manager. Right after the unveiling of his name, the fans showered him with angry retorts at the first match. They refused to accept the former Liverpool manager as the new Blue boss. However, with the 6-1 win against the Danish side.

Prior to accepting the job as Chelsea manager, Benitez got into some nasty verbal confrontation with Mourinho, the former Chelsea boss. He made some controversial comments about the club. These did not go well with Mourinho and the due did not shake hands for a long time.

How Benitez amends the past and wins over the fans’ heart will be an interesting watch. Chelsea FC does not lack talents. The club does not shy away from signing up young players and creating new stars. The fans across the world are waiting in eager intensity to cheer their beloved Blues.  


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